Love and other things

I fell in love.

I’m trying to construct this in a way that does not sound so overzealous and self-indulgent. Someone, as if out of nowhere, has come into my life and has ripped my heart out completely in order to claim it. I have become synonymous with every single love quote that I’ve come across in the past. I have become synonymous with every form of cheese. I am a hypocrite in the sense that, whereas I used to criticise and belittle the habits of other couples, I have become synonymous with these habits. My emotions have never felt so raw. I have never felt so vulnerable. It is everything that others say it is. It is blissful. It truly is. I have never felt so at peace with myself.

This person, who I have come to know as my everything, understands every component, every fibre of my being. Time seems to sit at a slow and easy going pace whenever this person is around. It is surreal, it is celestial, it is the stuff of classic films. I am so deeply fascinated with all of this person. The layers that comprises of this person. The layers that have such a distinct history and such a diverse texture to it. This person is my personal definition of sustainability. What it actually means to finally be stable.

Whereas before, I was a boy who was in love with the depth of pain and the beauty of loneliness, I am now with someone who makes me feel like I never want to be alone again. Someone who has seen every shade of me and instead of casting me out like a stranger, has accepted each and every piece of the puzzle. I am puzzled. I am perplexed. How could someone, how could anyone have such raw feelings for me?

In the most simplest form, I fell in love and life as I know it, will never be the same again. I am no longer in perpetual solitude but rather, I am now one half of a complexed form of art work that despite its complications and obstacles, is still beautiful nevertheless.


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