What I absolutely HATE about essay-based college assignments

Note: This is a mighty long pretty pointless rant but I will not apologize because I can do whatever I want because this is my blog yo.



That is what my studying cum assignment setup looks like. Pretty messy.

Writer’s block. I bloody hate writer’s block and this happens to me all the time. This applies specifically to essay writing. When I’m in my smooth writing mojo and I feel as though I am spurning God-like vocabulary, flawlessly coherent grammar and cohesively dependable yet original thought provoking ideas, suddenly there comes a point where the tick on my mind gets stuck. I then find myself lost in my words and my brain just refuses to churn any sort of reliable mental data that is needed to write things that are worthy of being a contribution to my grades. I hate it so much. This happens when in the most unexpected of times and it makes me so lazy.

Over-thinking. I really hate half-assed attempts. I friggin’ hate half-assed attempts. I’ve always believed in giving your all when you invest time in doing assignments. This leads to over thinking because I constantly find myself worried about whether or not the content I produced is good enough. Haih. I’m having this right now. I can barely get through a paragraph because I’m constantly trying to make everything seem perfect. I am a very egocentric and to me, everything written needs to be perfectly coordinated. I think to the much to the point that I can’t get much words out.

When you CAN procrastinate, you WILL procrastinate. Okay this applies to all sorts of assignments, not just essay-based ones BUT don’t you think that it’s way more geared towards essays? Think about it this way, essays are a written work with typing. You can always take a simple break and come back then take another break then come back as long as you eventually meet the required word count before the dead line. And also, enough time before the dead line for you to proof read. Typing, stop, typing, stop. The option of procrastination is so blatantly open that it would be near impossible to resist. Especially if you’re like me and you always tell yourself that you’ll complete it early and you try to do it a week or two in advance but slack because of the abundance of time. Then, you end up doing it just two days before. WELL THAT IS WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW FOLKS. I HAVE AN ASSIGNMENT DUE BUT WHAT AM I DOING? THIS BLOG.

Word Limitations. This is the worst invention since God created Satan. Why must I always have to limit my words to a certain word count? I am a free flow writer and I like my words to just come out organically, not to be dragged and constantly worried over whether or not I didn’t pass the word limitation. I’D RATHER WRITE MORE THAN 10,000 WORDS THAN LESS THAN 800. When my words are limited, I feel as though my freedom as a writer is limited. And this makes me care less about the assignment which in turn makes me procrastinate which in turn makes me get a mark that is lower than usual.

Conclusion. It is only fitting that my last point to this post is about conclusion. CONCLUSION IN GODDAMN ESSAY DAMN IT. I hate conclusion. How do you expect me to summarize all this crap that I have strategically placed together in hopes of perfection?!?!?! It took miracles for me to come up with so much intellectual valleys of crap that you expect me to summarize by baby in short form? NO WAY. In conclusion or in a nutshell both seem so dated but it’s what everyone uses and it works so what the hell.


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